Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In 8/25/14

Not an ounce lost or gained last week, but I'll take it.

Last week's weigh-in (8/18/14): 164.2 lbs
Today's weigh-in (8/25/14): 164.2 lbs

Change in weight: 0 lbs
Total change in weight: -17.6 lbs

Monthly progress photo
August has been busy as heck, and I don't see things slowing down anytime soon! McKenna started preschool this week and I'm becoming much more involved with MOMS Club as the treasurer and coordinator for both Mom's Night Out and the 4 & More playgroup; I'm hoping to volunteer at McKenna's school as well. Holidays are right around the corner, too, and birthdays; soo many birthdays. I enjoy wholeheartedly, though, seeing our calendar filled with family and friends.

We'll be in Orange Park this coming weekend celebrating my Dad's 51st birthday. As much as I feel like healthy eating is starting to become second nature for me, going to Orange Park is always a huge challenge... I gotta stick to my guns!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

'Twas the Night Before Preschool

Zero more days.

Tonight McKenna cut the last link off of the paper chain countdown that we made last week.

In less than 12 hours, she's off to preschool!

(WHY did I write "Back to school countdown" instead of "First day of school countdown," I do not know; just going to blame the recent lack of sleep over the whole thing here...)

Thankfully, McKenna's gone from "excited, but just a little nervous" to "reeeally excited" after having met her teacher, Mrs. Murray, last Wednesday and then on Friday visiting the classroom. We've been reading books about going to school, talking to all of our friends about how awesome it's going to be and role playing teacher/student here at home. I couldn't be more happy (and also relieved) that she is so excited about her first day tomorrow; she's going to love it and I can't wait to hear all about it when we pick her up!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

McKenna's 4th Birthday

Four years old.

We officially have a preschooler on our hands!

McKenna's birthday was on a Wednesday two weeks ago, so we celebrated our big girl turning 4 by having Chocolate Chip Pancakes for breakfast, hanging out at Play Plus for a few hours, and then for dinner and dessert, we ate Caesar Salad and ice cream - "with sprinkles! LOOOTS of sprinkles." - all per the birthday girl's request.

"It was a really great day," she said as we tucked her in that night :-D

Alex was able to take off of work on Friday so that we could get our house cleaned up and put together (e.g. finally hang up the picture frames that have been sitting in the corner of our bedroom for the past year or so) before our company arrived for McKenna's party on Saturday, but more importantly to get a head start on THE CAKE.

Every ounce of credit for this goes to the Mr! I simply crumble under the pressure of birthday cake making.

Alex got started ]around 5PM, however, following the pattern of years past, we still didn't turn in for the night until around 4AM.

Both of the girls happened to wake up just as Daddy had finished his masterpiece and they absolutely LOVED it; McKenna hurried excitedly over to the playroom to grab the camera that she got for her birthday last year so that she could snap a few pictures of her own -- "It's so beautiful!"

Our family arrived a couple of hours later early Saturday morning and then we all headed over to the park to start setting everything up for our Princess' princess party; other than the cake, though, we kept everything pretty low key - a couple of decorations, and pizza and Capri Sun to serve to our guests. The kids played to their heart's content while the grownups laughed and mingled and simply enjoyed each other's company.

Everybody had a really great time, especially our sweet birthday girl.

<3 <3 <3

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In 8/18/14

Is it just me or does anybody else have a hard time getting back on track with their normal routine if Monday doesn't go at all according to plan? All last week after our company left/McKenna's party/the Busy Bag Swap I felt like I was playing catch up - piles and piles of laundry, putting the house back together, sleep; then yesterday we took a family day trip to Orlando and didn't get home until midnight when I thought for sure that we'd be back in plenty of time for dinner me to cross the rest of the stuff off of my Sunday to-do list! 

Oy. At least I've reeled it back in as far as tracking goes, though...

Last week's weigh-in (8/11/14): 167.4 lbs
Today's weigh-in (8/18/14): 164.2 lbs

Change in weight: -3.2 lbs
Total change in weight: -17.6 lbs

We met up with The Waldens earlier today for our last "Monday Funday" before Beth and I send our big kids off to preschool next week; "You look really great!" Beth said when we walked in :-D Ugh, it feels so damn good to hear that.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In 8/11/14: Up 3 Pounds

Last week was hectic and stressful, but still tons of fun with our play dates, McKenna's 4th birthday (!), a potluck for MOMS Club, party prep, lots of family in town to visit, and a Busy Bag Swap that I waited until the very last minute to get started on. I think I'm just about all caught up now with sleep and putting our house back together, though; slowly but surely getting there with the laundry...

Last week's weigh-in (8/4/14): 164.2 lbs
Today's weigh-in (8/11/14): 167.4 lbs

Change in weight: +3.2
Total change in weight: -14.4

So, it was a gain week. I tracked and made healthy food choices all week before our company arrived on Saturday, and then there was cake, margaritas, chips and dip, and a big dinner on Sunday night with a family friend right before my Monday morning weigh-in; I didn't track a thing all weekend.

Honestly, I'm not even that bummed about it; all of that junk food did quite a number on my tummy and I was ready to get back on track after everybody left. Still smiling big from the "You look good!" and "I can tell you've lost weight" comments all weekend :-D

I got this.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY Leis and a Sandpaper Starfish Craft

We're soaking up the last bit of summer here before school starts, so last week some friends came over for a craft play date to make sandpaper starfish and Hawaiian leis.

This was the calm before the storm.

There were only 3 adults to 7 kids (6 of them under the age of 5) with open bottles of glue and tubes of glitter with unsecured caps... So, you do the math!

Or if you prefer a visual approach:

Haha! Absolutely priceless.

When the kiddos decided that they were over arts and crafts, we had a "fight" over a broken pretend piece of corn on the cob, and Kendall threw up not once, but twice; the second of which my friend Beth caught IN HER HANDS - total mommy move right there, we (the grownups) agreed. Once everybody was fed, though, things did simmer down a bit and all in all it was a pretty successful play date as everybody had a really great time.

Craft Play Date II over at Shauna's next week!

Lately, it's become a regular thing for McKenna, Kendall and I to do arts and crafts on Saturday mornings while Daddy is out doing his rounds at the garage sales; he's recently taken up flipping as a hobby, online business and all!

I thoroughly enjoy spending this time with my daughters; sipping coffee, still in our pjs, tummies full from breakfast, and enjoying each other's company with Disney radio on in the background while working away on beautiful little masterpieces that I will cherish forever. A very "happy Saturday" indeed; emphasis on "happy."

While I certainly plan on keeping round one of this little project, we gave it another go over the weekend; there was plenty of starfish and hole-punched Hawaiian flowers leftover from our play date.

Here's what you'll need:
Blue construction paper
Blue marker or crayon
Googly eyes

Before you begin, cut starfish shapes out of your sandpaper. I found a pack of 12 sheets at the dollar store. 

Then, using a blue marker or crayon, create waves on your construction paper and glue on the starfish. Add more glue to the top of the starfish and sprinkle on some glitter, or you can leave it plain as the sandpaper gives the starfish a realistic texture. Finally, add googly eyes and a smile.

Now, the leis! These were so much fun to make and turned out really cute.

Here's what you'll need:
Hawaiian flowers
Hole punch

The Hawaiian flowers are actually table scatter that I purchased from the dollar store to make these Flip Flops Fridge Magnets. You can find them in the seasonal section.

Cut the yarn and straws, and hole punch the flowers.

String away!

*TIP: Wrap a small piece of tape around one end of the yarn because it will come apart as you are threading it through the straws and flowers. Also, tape the other end to the table while you are working so your straws and flowers don't fall off in the (very likely) event that your lei gets knocked or pulled off of your working space ;-)

Monday, August 4, 2014

10 Things to Smile About in July

July started off a bit rocky for us, 
but there were still plenty of things to smile about!

1. Family Zoo Day

2. Coffee, arts and crafts :-)

3. One on one time with my big girl

4. This guy

5. These moments

6. New vacuum! We desperately needed one, and happened to find this baby on clearance 
for 50% off.

7. Quiet days at the library

8. An afternoon treat with my two favorite girls

9. Forever friendships

10. Flowers, "just because" :-)

Thanks for the inspiration, Emmy Mom! I needed this. :-)

Weekly Weigh-In 8/4/14: It Feels Great to Lose!

I never thought I'd say this, but I've actually been looking forward to stepping on the scale every Monday morning. I go to bed on Sunday night eager to wake up and see the results of all of the hard work healthy choices that I made the previous week.

On Weight Watchers, you really can eat anything, but it's all about portion control and making healthier choices (veggies vs fries with that burger). You don't feel deprived of any of your favorite foods and that makes it easy to stay on track and LOSE.

Last week's weigh-in (7/28/14): 166.4 lbs
Today's weigh-in (8/4/14): 164.2 lbs

Change in weight: -2.2 lbs
Total change in weight: -17.6 lbs

McKenna's 4th (!!!) birthday is Wednesday and lots of family will be coming into town this weekend to join in on the celebration with our friends at the park. Tracking, planning, preparedness and home-field advantage will help keep me on track. See you next week!