Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In 8/11/14: Up 3 Pounds

Last week was hectic and stressful, but still tons of fun with our play dates, McKenna's 4th birthday (!), a potluck for MOMS Club, party prep, lots of family in town to visit, and a Busy Bag Swap that I waited until the very last minute to get started on. I think I'm just about all caught up now with sleep and putting our house back together, though; slowly but surely getting there with the laundry...

Last week's weigh-in (8/4/14): 164.2 lbs
Today's weigh-in (8/11/14): 167.4 lbs

Change in weight: +3.2
Total change in weight: -14.4

So, it was a gain week. I tracked and made healthy food choices all week before our company arrived on Saturday, and then there was cake, margaritas, chips and dip, and a big dinner on Sunday night with a family friend right before my Monday morning weigh-in; I didn't track a thing all weekend.

Honestly, I'm not even that bummed about it; all of that junk food did quite a number on my tummy and I was ready to get back on track after everybody left. Still smiling big from the "You look good!" and "I can tell you've lost weight" comments all weekend :-D

I got this.

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