Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flip Flops Fridge Magnets


I stumbled across the CUTEST flip flops craft on Pinterest the other day and couldn't wait to make them with my little beach babes. I loved how Blog Me Mom made refrigerator magnets out of them - it reminded me of a Jeep I saw recently with family flip flop car decals that I went totally ga-ga over - so I was going to make some for me and Alex, too.

Here's what you'll need:
Foam sheets
Foam shapes or stickers
Pipe cleaners
Hole punch
Magnetic tape strips

I already had a hole punch, pipe cleaners, glue, and magnetic strips on hand and I grabbed one of Kendall's size 6 sandals to use as a template -- my girls are super ticklish, so tracing their foot was not going to happen!

 The rest of the stuff I was able to find at the dollar store.

Three bucks when all was said and done. Dollar Tree is always my first stop when shopping for arts and crafts supplies; you'd be surprised at what you can find there!

To begin making the flip flops, first trace your child's foot or one of their sandals onto a foam sheet and cut it out. Then punch out 3 holes for the strap.

Cut the pipe cleaners in half and string the beads.

To secure each strap, simply thread it through the hole and fold it over the back. Add a magnetic strip.


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