Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's Thursday, Thursday. Gotta get down on Thursdays.

I really enjoy Thursdays. The girls and I take it easy in the morning instead of heading out bright and early to take Hanley for a walk around the neighborhood before the temperature hikes up. They'll usually watch a movie or PBS Kids while I leisurely sip my coffee and putz around on Pinterest.

Around 10AM, we get ourselves ready and head to the library for Story Time.

McKenna and Kendall look forward to going every week and I do, too, actually; we have made some really great friends there. I also love that our library is right on the Indian River; there's a huge window on the entire east side of the building that overlooks the intracoastal and I can't help but to smile every time we walk in.

What a view, huh?

After Story Time is over, we either take a walk out on the dock or play at the playground with our new friends before heading home to carry on with our day as usual - lunch, Learning Time, laundry while they nap, a movie and coloring for them while I cook dinner. Once the girls are both bathed and in bed, I plan our meals for the next week that usually includes a couple of new recipes to try and write up a list for our grocery shopping adventure the following morning. I love cooking, so this is a lot of fun for me! 

Publix BOGOS renew every Thursday, too, and then there's this at the Ice Cream Depot:

"It's Thursday, Thursday. Gotta get down on Thursdays."

Find a tweet you shared last week and elaborate.


  1. Oh my gosh ... pajamas and ice cream! What a great idea!

    Hopping over from Mama Kat!

  2. Wherever you live, I want to go there! I love the view from your library! (I'm landlocked.) Your girlies are darling and obviously both enjoy books.

    1. Thank you! McKenna (my oldest) showed a great interest in books early on, but Kendall (my youngest) didn't really care about them at all until we started going to Story Time at the library (love it there). She brings me books all the time now asking for me to read to her!