Thursday, August 29, 2013

(Not) Tan Mom

A trip to the beach used to mean planning at least a couple of days in advance, setting your alarm clock for the butt crack of dawn, packing everything from food and drinks to chairs and extra clothes for the drive home, and pretty much reserving an entire day for the glorious sun and sand. With kids, there's diapers, hats, sunglasses, toys, a jug of SPF 1000 sunscreen...You get the picture.

Not anymore! We live only four short miles from the beach now and getting there is anything but a hassle. The kids are begging to go, only to be begging 30 minutes after you arrive to go home for a peanut butter sandwich? No problem! A little garage sale-ing and some house hunting first, Mr. Murphy? Let's do it!

Last summer, we were at the beach every weekend. McKenna was almost 2 and perfectly content with playing in the sand right next to our chairs while Kendall, 6 months old, slept the entire time. It was great; Alex and I just kicked back with a good book and soaked up the sun. Two words: Bronze. Goddess. If I do say so myself ;-) White shorts, neon pink manis and pedis, sundresses, cute metallic sandals, and all things summer look and feel so much better over tan skin.

This summer, however, has been much different. Some weekends we hit the beach, some weekends we don't. Both of the girls want to be in the water from the minute we get there to the very last second we leave - I don't blame them, of course - but neither of them can swim yet. (See drowning: one of my biggest fears as a parent.) McKenna knows to stand right back up after a big wave knocks her over, but she doesn't go too far in, anyway, and we're always right there. Kendall, on the other hand, wants to get out there and swim with the dolphins! "Let. Me. Gooo!" I translate as she very persistently works to wriggle her tiny slippery body out of my momma bear grasp. So, after all of the chasing and lifting and squeezing and swinging the girls around, we're all pooped and ready for naps just a few hours later.

...That's hardly enough time for this momma to work on her tan, though.


Oh well, beautifully sun-kissed summer skin along with peeing alone and casually enjoying a warm meal are all cherished things of the past.

They're lucky they're cute!