Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In 6/30/14 & Our Weekend with Uncle Jonathan & Gomer

My brother, Jonathan, and our Gomer came to visit this weekend.

We had a lot of fun just hangin' out at the house and showing them around our little piece of paradise. I wish I would've gotten more pictures, but this one with Jonathan is pure gold - that's the same skirt that my sister and I would put on him when we were little! All that's missing here is some lipstick.

Saturday morning, I ate a light breakfast of coffee and fruit because we were planning to get Long John Silver's for lunch - probably the greasiest fast food around, but my family and I love it and the LJS here is the closest one to them. I filled my plate at lunch - a piece of fish, chicken, a hush puppy and a whole heap of fries; no color, everything fried - but I started to panic a little when I sat down; I did so well during the week and I didn't want to undo it all and undo it so close to my weigh-in day. I whipped out my phone to look up PointsPlus values while I downed a bottle of water and asked myself, "What do I want most right now? It's only lunchtime and I need to be sure to save points for dinner later." So I put the fries back and grabbed some watermelon from the fridge instead, indulging a little without going overboard and leaving enough points for the Chicken and Black Bean Tacos and Cheesy Red Hot Rice that I had planned for dinner. For dessert, though, I did tap into the weekly points allowance for a Weight Watchers Snack Size Chocolate Fudge Bar (1PT) while Jonathan and the girls had Blue Bell ice cream -- my favorite. File that under small victory!

Yesterday evening, we met my mother-in-law and sister-in-law in Port Orange to have dinner at Red Robin and leave the girls with them for a few days.

"You look skinny!" My mother-in-law said when we walked up. Agh, I could have kissed her!

Again, I ate a light breakfast and lunch that day so that I would have plenty of points to have what I wanted at dinner - a Burnin' Love Burger, sub a grilled chicken breast and broccoli instead of fries. Bottomless broccoli, that is. The fries that come with your meal are bottomless, so I thought that was really cool.

Last week's weigh-in (6/23/14): 173.0 lbs
Today's weigh-in (6/30/14): 169.6 lbs

Change in weight: -3.4 lbs
Total change in weight: -12.2 lbs

Another 3.4 pounds down, woo hoo!

What worked for me this week

I planned, I tracked, I exercised.

I made healthy food choices opting for fresh fruit or veggies instead of fries when dining out.

Game plan for next week

Plan, track, exercise, and make healthy food choices.

McKenna and Kendall are going to be with my mother-in-law until Wednesday or Thursday and Alex has taken the whole week off - VACATIONNN, woop woop! We plan on going out to eat a few times and enjoying some adult beverages tomorrow for the World Cup game, but I plan on logging in some extra activity points, too, when I bring Alex along with me to a few yoga classes and hopefully the weather cooperates so that we can do some kayaking!

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