Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In 7/28/14 & One Goal DOWN!

One goal down, -15 lbs -- WOO HOO!!

Last week's weigh-in (7/21/14): 169.8 lbs
Today's weigh-in (7/28/14): 166.4 lbs

Change in weight: -3.4 lbs
Total change in weight: -15.4 lbs

At 166 lbs, this is where I was last April, my lowest weight after having started Weight Watchers at the beginning of 2013. Next up: -25 lbs.

Weight Loss Goals

Goal 1: 166 lbs (-15 lbs)
Goal 2: 156 lbs (-25 lbs)
Goal 3: 146 lbs (-35 lbs)
Goal 4: 136 lbs (-45 lbs)
Goal 5: 126 lbs (-55 lbs)

Keying in that last one, I started to get a little shaky. It seems impossible right now as I haven't weighed anywhere near the 120s since my early college years; however, breaking it all up into small goals helps me to breathe a little easier.

Patience, persistence, dedication.

I can do this!

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