Monday, July 28, 2014

TP Roll Binoculars

We had a blast at the zoo on Saturday.

Alex and I let the girls take charge of the trip and we followed them around from exhibit to exhibit, allowing them to indulge in their every whim. 

Kendall had a sweet moment with the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana

And we rode the train for the first time!

Earlier that morning while Daddy was out doing his rounds at the garage sales, we kept ourselves busy with some arts and crafts.

Coffee and crafts; it was a very happy Saturday, indeed :-)

Here's what you'll need:
2 toilet paper rolls
Construction paper
Hot glue
Scotch tape
Hole punch

First, cut the construction paper to fit around the TP rolls and let the kids decorate to their heart's content. Then wrap the construction paper around the TP rolls and secure with tape; hot glue the two together. Use a hole punch to make two holes (one on each side) in one end of the binoculars and tie the yarn.

One pair of binoculars almost didn't make it to the zoo, while the yarn in the second pair was ripped out right after our first stop at the giraffes. By the end of the day, they both ended up squished and tossed in the trash on the way out. There's plenty more TP rolls where that came from, though! Waste not.


  1. Those binoculars are so cute! My youngest made something like that in preschool this past year.

    1. Thank you, Shell! I thought it was a perfect quick craft before our trip to the zoo/way to use up those TP rolls spilling out of the hall closet, haha.