Monday, July 21, 2014

Progress Photo & Weekly Weigh-In 7/21/14: Old Habits Die Hard

It's been a while since I've posted my weekly weigh-in, but I haven't been neglecting the scale altogether. Our staycation ended up being a complete fucking disaster and I found myself succumbing to the quick emotional fix of food.

When I first heard the term "emotional eating," I thought Pfft! That's the lamest excuse that I've ever heard! Yet here I am, CRAVING pizza when I'm feeling down in the dumps, completely unsatisfied by healthy food choices no matter how full I am and unable to think of anything else until eventually I throw in the towel and dial up Domino's, usually fighting back the tears.

Here's how it's been going down:

Previous weigh-in (6/30/14, before staycation): 169.6 lbs 
Weigh-in (7/7/14, after shit went down):  178.0 lbs

Change in weight: +8.4 lbs

We ordered pizza the night before I weighed in. 

...And two or three other times that week. 

And one day I had ice cream for lunch, straight from the carton.

^ So guilty :-\

I did get back on track "starting Monday," though.

Weigh-in (7/14/14):  172.8 lbs

Change in weight: -5.2 lbs

My focus last week was just to plan and track, as I still did not have the energy desire to work out... Baby steps? And that brings us to 

Today's weigh-in (7/21/14): 169.8 lbs

Change in weight: -3.0 lbs
Total change in weight: -12.0 lbs

Monthly progress photo

Just 3.0 lbs away from my first goal (-15 lbs)! 

Game plan for next week

Plan, track, exercise. 

Stay positive.

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