Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Three Years Old, Hot Dog!

It's true that your youngest child gets stuck in baby-dom.

This little monkey probably gets away with a lot more than she should because "she's just so cute!" my husband and I gush to each other as we have turn our backs to a boundary-testing temper tantrum or are fighting to hold back even the tiniest grin as she stomps her little foot in defiance. Yet, even in the throes of two-dom, Kendall's still as sweet and genuine and cuddly as ever. 

With her birthday being so close to Christmas and all of the craziness that's been going on here at the house lately, we celebrated a week early with friends and family at the park. Alex has been swamped with work, so he wasn't able to make Kendall an elaborate cake like McKenna's princess castle from a couple of month's ago, but the birthday girl was just as happily satisfied with a Princess Tiana sheet cake, sub sandwiches and Doritos that she picked out from Publix.

Love her sweet soul. I still can't believe she's three!

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